Review: Hitler’s Secret

Hitler's Secret (Tom Wilde #4)Hitler’s Secret by Rory Clements
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another enjoyable and engaging volume in the unfolding Tom Wilde series that sees our eponymous hero venturing into Nazi Germany to retrieve an unknown package. Little does Wilde suspect that the package has the potential to seriously impact on the day to day existence of the Nazi regime – if only the package can be returned to England safely.

Along the way, Wilde meets some Germans who, while fiercely loyal to Germany, are no great fans of Hitler. The motives might not be ‘pure’, but their help is invaluable in allowing Wilde to escape those who are determined to stop him and to keep hold of the package he was sent to retrieve.

The intrigue, of course, does not stop upon Wilde’s return to England. The package might be in England, but the package is still not safe – neither from Nazi agents nor Western players who wish to use and misuse the package for their own misguided ends. Wilde does not accept those ends, and the package ends up being saved by his sense of honour and integrity, even at the risk of alienating those to whom he has personal loyalty.

Rory Clements provides another well-crafted tale of intrigue set in the opening days of the Second World War. The development of our regular characters, by well known, continues with insights into who they are and why they are compelled to act the way they do. The narrative, both in this novel and in the larger series, is well developed and well planned, and as such entices the reader in the adventure undertaken by Wilde and his friends.

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