Review: Revenger

Revenger (John Shakespeare, #2)Revenger by Rory Clements
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Thinking he had escaped – or been pushed out – from his previous role as an intelligencer on behalf of Queen Elizabeth of England, John Shakespeare had established a school with his Catholic wife, Catherine, and was attempting to live a life quietly and out to eyes of the public authorities. Despite his best efforts, however, Shakespeare cannot escape enemies from his past, particularly those who had promised to never let him rest.

Neither can Shakespeare completely escape being drawn back into the world of secrets, intrigue, murders and plots against the Queen. Being caught in the ongoing struggles between Lord Essex and Sir Robert Cecil, both claiming to be the successors of Sir Francis Walsingham, doesn’t bring any comfort to Shakespeare, his wife, or his confederates. Shakespeare plays both sides of the field to perfection and in doing so manages to foil a plot against his Sovereign, save his family from murder, and unravel a mystery that took place half way around the world.

This another wonderful volume from the pen of Rory Clements exploring the world of the late Elizabethan age. The attention to historicity combined with an engaging narrative style captures and holds the reader’s attention from the first page to the very last moment of climax.

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