Review: St Aidan’s Way of Mission: Celtic Insights for a Post-Christian World

St Aidan's Way of Mission: Celtic insights for a post-Christian worldSt Aidan’s Way of Mission: Celtic insights for a post-Christian world by Ray Simpson
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There’s much to think about to be found in this little volume, at least for me.

Examining the story of St Aidan of Lindisfarne, and his mission and ministry among the inhabitants nearby, an alternative way of embracing ministry in the contemporary world is proposed. It is a way based less on regulation and program, and more on relationship and conversation. Aidan’s Way, as outlined here, has much to offer contemporary Christianity as it seeks to recover both its place in the world and its reputation and esteem.

In one sense, the model proposed in this book is not rocket science. And yet, it needs to be written down, explained, and outlined in the present age because we have forgotten how to do mission in a way that is focussed first and foremost on Christ and not us. Although the significance of the early ‘Celtic church’ – even its very existence – might be a question for scholarly debate, the example of the early saints of the Christian Church in the lands now known as Great Britain is harder to ignore.

Preeminent among those early saints, at least from the perspective of the authors, is St Aidan. And the examples outlined here about the way Aidan went about his task, and more specifically the attitude that underpinned his approach to mission and ministry, are worthy of prayerful consideration for what they might be able to offer as the Church continues to embrace mission and ministry in contemporary times.

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