Review: Glendalough: A Celtic Soul Journey

Glendalough: A Celtic Soul JourneyGlendalough: A Celtic Soul Journey by Michael Rodgers
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A few years ago I had the great privilege and pleasure of accompanying a pilgrimage from our diocesan schools office to Ireland. It was a double-barreled pilgrimage for me, both spiritual and personal, walking in the footsteps of one of the founders of one of the religious orders who first ran schools in our diocese, and my first visit to the country and land from which my family sprang.

As part of that journey, we made a visit to Glendalough and were privileged to be given a walking tour of that ‘cradle of Irish Christianity’ by the author of this book. On that occasion, we walked around the edge of the lakes, pausing occasionally to celebrate the various rituals of the Catholic Mass in what can truly be called a ‘thin place’. That visit to Glendalough left an indelible mark on me, and I suspect that any future visit to Ireland will include spending time in and around this sacred place.

Reading through this book took me back to the place that St Kevin came to call home. Each page brought back memories of the meandering journey of that short visit to Glendalough, to the natural beauty that revealed a gracious and generous God, and to the very tangible presence of the Transcendent that seeps through the ‘thin veil’ into this plane of existence.

Accompanied by wonderful illustrations drawn from the location in which Glendalough is located, this book is truly a ‘soul journey’, with the reader being drawn into both location and meaning. Even if I had never been to that wonderful valley I suspect I would have felt like I had after reading this small contribution.

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