The Joy of Missing Out?

Something to consider in this article found on the America Magazine website. Perhaps I should stop worrying about things I’ve missed out on so much, and focus on the moment a bit more.

“I do not mean to imply that walking away from things is easy. Missing out takes courage. We can only discover the delight and relief that is waiting for us by choosing to miss out on something that was great. It’s a spiritual discipline, really, the ordinary practice of the leap of faith. Perhaps it helps us to be more ready for the bigger, existential leaps that sometimes come our way. But more immediately maybe it gives us access in our everyday lives to unexpected pockets of delight. Truly, when a bit of JOMO happens, it feels like you’ve gotten away with something, or uncovered a secret that no one else knows.

“You can miss out on things and still be happy. Maybe even happier.”