Evangelisation Is More Than Apologetics

An interesting article (see below) found in the National Catholic Reporter by Michael Sean Winters that contains the following powerful paragraph:

Similarly, cultivating discernment in the life of the church takes more work than simply memorizing the catechism. A rote faith may be real, but it will not be well suited to evangelization. It will only be capable of apologetics. There is a place for apologetics, to be sure, but unless pastoral leaders distinguish apologetics from evangelization, we will continue to drive away five young people for every one we attract. Reducing the faith to a set of propositions is very Kantian. For a sliver of the ambient population, such a reduction works, but for millions of other people, it is the tenderness of God, not the theses about God, that attract and stir the heart. Here it is Francis, not his critics, who is most faithful to the ressourcement, or return to the Patristic sources and Scripture that characterized Vatican II.

We could do worse than forget any of this – the Church is called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, not simply elucidate a set of fixed doctrines. The latter must flow from the former, and not the other way round.