Liturgy Prior to Vatican II

The McGrath Institute for Church Life, within the University of Notre Dame in America, is preparing a series on the liturgy in its online journal. Given the significance of liturgy, especially in light of recent pontifical pronouncements, I will be providing a link to each of these articles as they become available. The second article of the series is below. – AD.

“It is crucial to recognize that the Council Fathers never thought in terms of rescinding the Tridentine Mass, precisely because it was that rite that they were revising and rejuvenating. If they had suppressed the old rite, it would mean that they were creating an entirely new rite. They would then be employing a hermeneutic of discontinuity. Rather, they were engaging in a strong hermeneutic of continuity: the old rite was to continue in a revised form. Because of this hermeneutic of continuity, they never considered the possibility of the unrevised rite continuing to be celebrated. Such an option would have never entered their minds. For the Council, the revised Eucharistic liturgy would simply be the Roman rite of the Catholic Church.”