Welcoming All Fans!

An interesting column from Mike Lewis, one of the founders and contributors of the Where Peter Is website. Written from a distinctly US perspective (I’d go with a cricket or rugby league or Aussie rules image for Australia) there is something here that is worthy of consideration in the Church’s attempts to stem the tide…

“Remember, people have different types of personalities, and their responses to things will depend upon their personalities, interests, and personal experiences.

“Let’s look at baseball fans, for example. Millions of people in the US love baseball. Some of these people are diehard fans, almost zealous in their devotion to a team and its players. Some baseball fans are stats geeks. They seem to know every player who ever lived, their career statistics, and every major baseball news story in the last century. Some people just like the experience of going to a game, even though they don’t really understand it. Some love rooting for the home team but can’t name a single player. All of these people are baseball fans, but their reasons for loving the game can vary dramatically. And I daresay the diehards and stats geeks make up a very small minority of them.”