Finding True Harmony In What Unites Us

This article was originally written for and published on the diocesan website, It subsequently appeared as an opinion piece in The Newcastle Herald on Wednesday 20 March 2019. On the evening of Saturday 16 March, together with hundreds of people from across Newcastle, I gathered at the Newcastle Islamic Centre in Mayfield. I gathered… Continue reading Finding True Harmony In What Unites Us


The Power of Traditionalism

Written from an Orthodox perspective, the article below, which appears on the website of Public Orthodoxy from Fordham University in the United States, has more than a few resonances with contemporary Catholic debates. My thesis is very simple: the use of the word “traditionalist” and its derivative forms (“Orthodox morality,” “traditional values”) is philosophically untenable, i.e.,… Continue reading The Power of Traditionalism


Not This Time

There has been a lot of disinformation - largely from a particular section of Australian politics and Australian society - about the repercussions of the recently passed "Medevac Bill" that allows for a transfer of asylum seekers currently on Manus Island and Nauru based on medical decisions rather than partisan political decisions. In the video… Continue reading Not This Time


Homilies: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

My homily for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) as preached during the 5pm Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton. The readings were Isaiah 6:1-8; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11. "Confronted with the Presence of the Divine in Jesus, Simon owns his unworthiness and sinfulness. Jesus, however, invites Simon to 'be not… Continue reading Homilies: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C